Detection & Identification Equipment
  • Chemical Agent Point and Stand-Off Detectors, Monitors, Alarms for field, vehicular and fixed site applications
  • Biological Agent Point and Stand-Off Detectors and Sampling/Test Kits
  • Nuclear Detection Equipment for land sea and air applications, including General Alarms; Personal Alarms for both prompt and residual radiation; Survey Meters for identification of contamination area and type
  • Integrated NBC Warning and Reporting Systems
  • Reconnaissance Vehicles
  • Weather Stations

Protective Clothing

  • Personal Protection including: Suits, Gloves & Footwear.


  • Respirators, Escape Hoods

  • Respirator Filters

  • CamelBak Hydration Systems

  • Instrumentation for testing the operational integrity of Respirators, Filters and NBC Protective Fabrics
Decontamination Equipment

  • Skin Decontamination
  • Personal Equipment Decontamination Kits
  • Local Area & Large Equipment Decontamination Kits
  • Mass Casualty Decontamination Systems
  • Decontamination Solutions

  • Transportable and Fixed Site NBC Shelter Systems
Medical Equipment
  • Auto Injectors
  • Field Patient Care Equipment
  • Monitoring Equipment
Mobile Laboratory Systems
  • Mobile Laboratory Systems & Supplies

  • Munitions Destruction Systems
Integration & Prediction Software
  • Integration & Prediction Software
Training Services:

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction preparedness and response training for Municipalities, Hospitals and Emergency Responders
  • Emergency and First Response Team Training
  • NBC Defense Equipment and Systems Training

Special Projects

  • Specialized projects addressing unique, customer specific requirements involving customized product and systems design, production and fielding